I’ve discovered a few things lately about serving God. I became a Christian over thirty years ago and have attended church about that long. Lately I’ve discovered some truth about serving God~

1)You need to grow daily by learning from the Bible. Read the Bible first thing in the morning and eastablish yourself in a strong Bible believing church. Attend your church often and make many friends there.

2)Truly believe God is powerful. That power is from the Holy Spirit of God. As a Christian, that power is within us. Recognize this truth at the start of everyday and ask God to work through you.

3)Go to a DOING church and help out in as many different ministries as possible that they have.

4)Unite with the other Christians at church and open you heart to unite with other Bible believing churches. If the other churches believe that the only way to God is through Jesus and believe that He arose from the dead then they believe the most important details of being a Christian.

A powerful end-times revival can come if Christians live with these standards.


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