Dave Ramsey’s Recommended Reads

The following list is from DaveRamsey.com. It lists 65 books that are his favorites. They discuss such topics as marketing, business, personal success, biographies of successful people, family, marriage and God.
Fearless by Max Lucado
“It seems like no one is immune to fear. I was neck-deep in it as a bankrupt young entrepreneur 20 years ago, and I recognize it now in the voices of the people I talk to on the radio every day. The good news is that there is an antidote to fear! I recommend Fearless to anyone who is tired of the doom and gloom and ready to step out of fear once and for all.”
The Long Snapper by Jeffrey Marx
Jeffrey Marx presents the story of a remarkable odyssey that takes Brian Kinchen from being a seventh-grade Bible teacher to a Super Bowl champion.
Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Dave says, “This is one of my all-time favorite money books. I love the healthy view Rabbi Lapin brings to the subjects of money and business. This book is required reading for my entire leadership team. Read it.”
Good To Great by Jim Collins
Dave says, “This is the premier business book of the last decade and is required reading for my leadership team.” Collins presents a blueprint for transforming good companies into ones that produce great, sustained results.
Flipping The Switch by John G. Miller
Dave says, “Flipping the Switch takes the personal responsibility principles to the next level.” Asking the right kind of question is only the first step to becoming fully engaged at work and in life.
The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley
Dave says, “If you want to be a millionaire, figure out what millionaires do and start doing it. Then you’ll get to be one.” The authors reveal surprising secrets and provide a valuable blueprint to improve your financial health.

Scratch Beginnings by Adan Shepard

Beginning with only $25 and the clothes on his back, Adam Shepard worked his way out of the realities of homelessness, and into a world that offered opportunity. This is his compelling story.
Boys Should Be Boys by Meg Meeker
“If you want to raise a boy that you’ll be proud of, read Boys Should Be Boys. Dr. Meg Meeker has some serious insight in her new book, like leading by example when it comes to working hard, respecting women, and being a generous giver.
“With a son about to graduate high school, I can only hope that Sharon and I have raised him right. I’ve poured every ounce of wisdom I learned into my son. If this book were available when I was raising him, it would have kept me from learning a lot of lessons the hard way!”
The One Life Solution by Dr. Henry Cloud
Dr. Cloud shows us how to construct and enforce better boundaries against the technological devices, bullying bosses, and distracting coworkers who invade our time and space.
Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom by Stephanie Nelson
Stephanie Nelson is The Coupon Momâ„¢ and has taught television viewers and readers how to save in many areas. She appears frequently on national and local television and radio sharing her savings expertise.
The Great Eight– How To Be Happy (Even when you have every reason to be miserable) by Scott Hamilton
Olympic Gold Medal figure skater Scott Hamilton shares his eight secrets to finding happiness in the face of a life filled with challenges, difficulties, and career-canceling odds.
Knockout Entrapeneur by George Foreman
In George Foreman’s The Knockout Entrepreneur, he shares his success secrets with aspiring and current entrepreneurs.
The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville
Norville makes a compelling case for the Power of Respect — the simple act of treating people as though they really matter.
It’s Not As Bad As You Think by Brian S. Wesbury
It’s Not as Bad as You Think shows you that while the financial future may be hard to predict, it will ultimately be profitable over the long haul.
The Coupon Mom’s Guide To Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half by Stephanie Nelson
A book that pays for itself! The creator of CouponMom.com, with over 2 million members, shares her strategic money-saving techniques for saving big while living well.
Switch By Chip Heath and Dan Heath
In Switch, learn how everyday people–employees and managers, parents and nurses–have united both minds and, as a result, achieved dramatic results.
The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley
Dave says, “If you’re ready to break the bad habits, bad behaviors and bad decisions that have been leading you into trouble, you need Andy Stanley’s The Principle of the Path. I just wish I had a copy of it 20 years ago!”
Linchpin by Seth Godin
It’s about you – your choices, your future, and your potential to make a huge difference in whatever field you choose. Get Seth Godin’s latest book now!
QBQ– The Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller
Dave says, “It’s the best book on personal responsibility available today. This is required reading for my team.” The QBQ is a tool that enables leaders – at all levels – to practice personal accountability by making better choices in the moment.
No– Why Kids Need To Hear It by David Walsh
How parents can say “no” to their kids and why they should. David Walsh argues that we are raising our children in a “Yes” culture that gives kids the message that they can and should have whatever they want whenever they want it.
Fired To Hired by Tory Johnson
Tory knows what it takes to get noticed and hired, and helps you create a concrete action plan–one that will help you come out stronger and more successful than ever.
The Power of Half by Kevin and Hannah Salwen
The Power of Half is the story of how one family grew closer as they discovered that living on half of their current lifestyle could be so rewarding.
Letters From Dad by Greg Vaughn
Letters from Dad empowers men to revitalize their marriages and relationships with their children.
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John C. Maxwell
You have a good idea but can’t convince your peers of its merit, the problem is how you connect with people to create the results you desire.
Think And Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
Dave says, “This book, written in 1937, tells you how the richest men of that era created their wealth. This is a classic book, and anyone wanting to have more and help others more should read this book.”
Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus by John Gray
Dave says, “Do you want to understand your spouse? Then read this book. This is a classic book on relationships.” This modern classic has helped millions of couples transform their relationships by learning how to clearly communicate with others.
The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard
Dave says, “This is my favorite Dallas Willard book. I’ve read it several times. He has a really good insight regarding Christians and wealth.”
Descending Into Greatness by Bill Hybels
Dave says, “This book answers the question, ‘How can I be happy?’ The key is in serving.” Learning to put God’s kingdom first by choosing to put self second is the secret to finding true satisfaction, according to Willow Creek’s Bill Hybels.

Roaring Lambs by Bob Briner

Dave says, “This is the core thesis of the way we operate our company: Christians being excellent in the marketplace.” You will learn the steps to become a vibrant Christian witness to the mainstream of American culture.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Dave says, “Should I have to say anything about this book? If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?” This beloved classic provides powerful yet timeless lessons in personal change.
Becoming A Person Of Influence by John C. Maxwell
Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by becoming a person of influence. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and career success go off the charts.
48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller
Dave says, “Stop working a J-O-B! Read this book, then find work you love.” This book is being touted as one of those rare insights that could very well revolutionize work and career life as we know it. Prepare to have you world rocked.
In The Grip Of Grace by Max Lucado
Dave says, “Stop working a J-O-B! Read this book, then find work you love.” This book is being touted as one of those rare insights that could very well revolutionize work and career life as we know it. Prepare to have you world rocked.

Abba’s Child by Brennen Manning

Dave says, “This book helps you wrap your arms around who God is as our loving Father.” For personal reflection, this expanded version includes a discussion guide written by the author.
Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud
Dave says, “A life-changing book. My copy is highlighted and has permanent sticky notes all through it. This is a must-read.” Learn how to develop clear boundaries from a biblical basis that are essential to all healthy relationships.
Developing The Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell
Dave says, “Anyone who wants practical steps of how to lead a team should read this book.” John Maxwell examines the differences between leadership styles and outlines principles for inspiring, motivating, and influencing others.
Wild At Heart by John Eldredge
Dave says, “This is the premier book on Christian manhood. My wife, Sharon, read this book and said, ‘So that’s what’s wrong with you!’ Ha! A must-read for men and women alike.”
Business By The Book by Larry Burkett
Dave says, “If you want to learn how to run a business from a biblical approach, few books will teach you that better than Business by the Book.”
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell
Dave says, “If you are a parent, employee, employer, brother, sister, or are otherwise breathing in and out, chances are that you have influence. In that case, you should read this book.”
Making Love Last Forever by Gary Smalley
Dave says, “This is a great book to teach you how to take personal responsibility in your marriage.” Gary Smalley reveals his secrets for “forever love.” This version includes a study guide for individuals or groups.
The E-Myth Revisited by Micheal E. Gerber
Dave says, “If you aren’t sure of the difference between working on your business and in your business, you need to read this book. If starting a business has ever crossed your mind, do yourself a favor and read this book.”
No More Mondays, Expanded Version by Dan Miller
Dave says, “No More Mondays is for anyone who wants to make Monday a day to look forward to rather than a day to dread.” Position yourself for long-term success in a changing marketplace by drawing on strengths you have been neglecting.
The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne
Dave says, “This classic book teaches a critical success principle. Success in any area of your life requires that you decide that you will not be denied from reaching your goal. Everyone on my team is required to read this book.”

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker

“This is the best book available on being a father to daughters. I have two daughters, and this book inspired me. I even provided a copy for every dad on my team who has a daughter. If you are a Dad with a daughter, you must read this book TODAY. ”
The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason
Through a series of delightful short stories straight from the heart of ancient Babylon, learn economic tips and tools for financial success that have withstood the test of time and that are applicable still today
Accept No Mediocre Life by David Foster
Dave says, “This book will launch you to your real potential and make you anything but normal and mediocre. You owe yourself a read of this; you won’t walk away from this one once you start.”
Against All Odds by Chuck Norris
Against All Odds: My Story is an inspirational story of how Chuck Norris was able to overcome such obstacles in his life–giving full credit to God.
The Christmas Sweater By Glenn Beck
#1 New York Times bestselling author and renowned radio and television host Glenn Beck delivers an instant holiday classic about boyhood memories, wrenching life lessons, and the true meaning of the gifts we give to one another in love.
See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar
This important book tells you how to set and achieve your goals, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to change the way you think about yourself and your surroundings.
Do The Right Thing by Mike Huckabee
This is more than Mike Huckabee’s campaign memoir. It’s a vision for a smarter, fairer type of politics that focuses on common-sense solutions for many issues. It’s not about right versus left; it’s about taking America up rather than down.
Season Of Life by Jeffrey Marx
Season of Life is a book about what it means to be a man of substance and impact. It is a moving story that will resonate with athletes, coaches, parents–anyone struggling to make the right choices in life.
The One Minute entrepeneur by Ken Blanchard
Best-selling author Ken Blanchard’s latest book tells the inspiring story of one man’s challenges in creating his own business.

Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

Dave says, “Guerrilla Marketing is a critical work for anyone who wants to learn how to do it.” It’s the entrepreneur’s marketing bible – and the book every small-business owner should have on his or her shelf.
The One-Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard
Dave says, “The One Minute Manager is a short read that will help you get the most out of your team.” This excellent book reveals 3 very practical secrets for anyone who is in the position to lead and manage others at work or home.
The Power of Who by Bob Beaudine
After 25 years as one of the world’s leading executive recruiters in sports and entertainment, Bob Beaudine, CEO of Eastman & Beaudine, offers practical and proven advice, through a common-sense approach to attaining your goals and dreams.
Start Where You Are by Chris Gardner
If you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you, have been dealing with a loss, or simply can’t find the motivation to pursue new challenges, Start Where You Are abounds with life lessons that offer hope and provide a road map for starting anew.
The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant by Terry Felber
Dave says, “This book is required reading for anyone on my team. If you want to learn how to succeed in both your personal and professional lives, read this book.” It will change the way you think about your career, wealth, and success.
Ziglar On Selling by Zig Ziglar
Dave says, “Zig is a national treasure and a friend of mine. If you want to learn how to sell and how to be in the sales profession, read Zig’s books.”
Tribes by Seth Godin
The Web can do amazing things, but it can’t provide leadership. That still has to come from individuals; people who have passion about something. The explosion in tribes means that anyone who wants to make a difference now has the tools at her fingertips.
Saving Freedom by Jim DeMint
Senator Jim DeMint’s firsthand account of an unsettling socialist shift; behind-the-scenes actions in Congress that are changing the character of our nation.
Your Million Dollar Dream by Tamara Monosoff
Your Million Dollar Dream: Create a Winning Business Plan. Turn Your Passion Into Profit. Regain Control and Be Your Own Boss.


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