I’m With Gabriel!


The angel Gabriel visited Daniel when the Israelites were in captivity in Babylon in the Old Testament. He also came to Mary in the New Testament to announce that she would have Jesus.

You can honestly say, the angel Gabriel has seen almost everything. He’s a warrior and messenger for God. He’s like the Farmers Insurance commercial that says, “We’ve seen almost everything.


I love the thought of quoting Bible verses that are unique. The angel Gabriel told Mary that with God nothing shall be impossible. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s been on the frontlines of spiritual battles through the ages with God!! I’m with Gabriel!! I refuse to deny the power of our Heavenly Father!

The Bible also says in the end times people will know about God but deny that He is powerful. I understand why people would be this way. In America, we can easily be materialistic. But as Christians we need to step forward. We should unite and boldly proclaim God’s power even if everyone around thinks we’re having too much faith or depending on God too much! If others think that, that just means we have the privilege of being like Paul…We are fools for Christ!  Everyone in earshot needs to hear bold words that God powerfully intervenes in our lives! And He deserves to be greatly respected for His ability to fully, above and beyond, meet all our needs! Set aside pride and speak out bold words that God is our powerful source!




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