God Loves You.

God loves us more than He hates our sin.

There are verses in the book of Psalms that tell how He forgives our sin as far as the east is from the west and that His love is for us is infinite. It would a very interesting study to find all the verses that tell of God’s hatred for our sin and also find all the verses about His love. Then compare the amounts. I’m pretty sure the number of verses of God trying to convey His love would outweigh His hatred for sin.

But really, it’s not necessary to try that hard because God made it easy. One of the most popular verses in the Bible is John 3:16. It profoundly, yet simply describes God’s love for every single person He ever made.

Sin simply separates us from God. And He doesn’t want that at all. He made humans so He could enjoy their company. Since God is holy, that is, without sin, He cannot be in the presence of sin.

It’s not necessary to dwell on our sin and wrongdoing. In a miraculous instant, God forgives us when we ask. And then, in all His great goodness, He wants to bless our lives because the amount of love for each of is unfailing, everlasting and immeasurable. He desires to continuously, daily help us to overcome the effects of sin and wrong actions in our lives.


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