Overcomer Introvert

If you ever have introvert tendencies and are a Christian, I know a sure cure.

Jesus said,

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. ~ Mark 16:15-16

If you’re a Christian it’s important to fight against your introvertedness. We’ve got to get the truth out that Jesus is how to get access to God.

My church, every  Halloween has spook house called the Nightmare. We focus on the major struggles teenagers deal with and that there is great hope in Jesus.

After going through the Nightmare there is a room where Christian volunteers pray the bold prayer that helps others make Jesus Lord of their life.

If you have introvert tendencies, this is how you are cured in a month!!!!!!! First of all, you have to be a true Christian. Then you are trained in helping people pray a Bible based prayer that helps others become Christians.

When the Nightmare goers enter the ministry room they have just been confronted with the image of a bloody Jesus dying on the cross for the wrongs that all humanity has ever committed. Then the volunteers pray with them.

As a volunteer, you must go up to a person entering the room, kindly meet them and then ask them if they would repeat a prayer with you.

Every few minutes a new group will come in.  As an introvert you must overcome the anxiety of talking face to face with another person and then talk with them about the greatest and most healing words ever spoken on the planet. And that is the Gospel! Oh, and an important by the way…before you even begin your overcomer adventure, you are backed by the prayers of hundreds of people who have been praying for the Nightmare for a few months. You have to use your God-given faith and trust that there is power from all those prayers! Besides you can also pray before every new person you meet (Usually a teenager)

So there it is. I truly believe there is no drug, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist you could ever go to that could help you overcome being introvert like this opportunity! Because you are working to help God get souls to Heaven! Your heart is with the heart of God so He will help you overcome and then bless you in other ways too!


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