Angels Rejoiced

Last night I went to visit women in prison with my church. We have a service in the chapel.  The speaker was great.  She told the women how to be a Wonder Woman for God.  At the end our crew stands at the front and asks if anyone needs someone to pray with them. We pray individually with the women. Most of the time women will want to pray for their, family, their proceedings to leave prison and staying close to God.

Last night there was one young lady who came to me with a different request.  She just wanted to become a Christian.  Before we prayed individually our leader prayed with the whole audience to become Christians.  No one has ever come to me to directly request to pray for salvation.  By the look on her face she meant it. She said she didn’t want to make wrong choices again.

We prayed. I helped her call on the name of Jesus and make Him the leader of her life.  She meant it all from her heart.  What a great privilege for me.  When we finished the young lady had tears streaming down her face as she thanked me.


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