Military Leaders Collide~Abner Vs. Joab

2 Samuel 2:18-3:39

David was building his kingdom after King Saul died. His military was conquering new territory and working to establish reign over Israel. He was king over Judah. David’s military commander was Joab. Israel’s (Saul’s) military commander was Abner.

Asahel was Joab’s brother and in the army. He was a fast runner. He chased Abner in order to conquer him. Abner told him to stop. He didn’t so regretfully, he killed him.

2 Samuel 2:18-24

Abner became a mighty leader. Partly because of a conflict between Abner and one of Saul’s sons, He then made a major military decision and announced he was going to work to allow Israel to be ruled by King David.

2 Samuel 3:6-19

Abner meets with David to discuss the decision. The people of Israel were in agreement with Abner.  Then Abner returned to Israel with the Kings blessings

2 Samuel 3:20-25

Joab learned of everything that had happened.  He was still angry that Abner had killed his brother so he went after Abner and then killed him.

2 Samuel 26-27

David along with the people mourned the great loss of Abner.

2 Samuel 3:31-39


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