Cold In Russia

My sister Penny and her fiance Alex are teaching in Russia. But lately their trip to and from school has been more difficult. The other day as Penny left for school, a short distance later she realized there was frost on her scarf. It was from her breath. Then she noticed her eyes felt funny. It was so cold her eyelashes had frozen and the liquid in the corners of her eyes were also close to freezing. The temperature that morning was -27 degrees F. Alex says it’s an odd feeling when the moisture inside your nose freezes!
I just heard a report on Fox News about this historical cold spell. It is expected to last until February. Penny says last year was unseasonably warm. But this year is the opposite. The news said it hasn’t been this cold in Russia in 25 years! It looks like Alex and Penny are making some memories they won’t soon forget about their stay in Moscow!


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