Benjamin Makes Cookies

Okay, Mom I really don’t want to mess up, can you help me? It was Benjamin’s first time to make cookies all by himself. His big eyes we’re even bigger as he gave me a focused serious look. He held out the 1/4 cup measuring cup. I told him to bring me the Snickerdoodle cookie recipe from the kitchen. Then we worked together to make sure he put in the right measurements of everything. He mixed all the ingredients until the very end when I mixed it just to make sure it was well blended. He even cracked the 2 eggs and made sure there were no eggshells in the mixture. From all the cookie dough I have eaten so far there have been no eggshells.

Then Ginny and Jonathan each got a beater with cookie dough still on it. I cleaned out the bowl and put the dough onto the seran wrap (intentionally leaving extra cookie dough present on the bowl sides) When I took it to quietly eat on my bed Danny grabbed at it and almost took it away from me but finally scooped off a bunch on the sides. (Cookie dough can bring out the cookie monster in anyone.) We even “tested” some of the chilled dough when Benjamin brought it to us to see if it was ready for making cookies. I told Benjamin to put it back in the freezer for 30 more minutes. I know this is a little bit bad but then Danny and I snuck some more while it was in there. Finally, Benjamin took it out and began rolling it in balls and then in the cinnamon sugar mix. I turned our Whirlpool range on so it would preheat. And then Benjamin baked his cookies. Altogether he baked about 2 dozen because we all probably ate around a dozen before they were baked!


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