April 4

Twenty more hours of work and then the weekend is here. This is an obvious statement but between Stacy, Kim and me someone will usually mention it every week.
Yesterday morning Kim said she had not gotten much rest the night before. Her nine year old son had decided to take a walk in the woods near their home. He said he wanted to look closer at a cow he saw. When he didn’t come home Kim went looking for him. She did alot of walking. She had to walk through thorn bushes and through a pond. She found him and altogether the two had walked about three miles when Kim’s sister came by and picked them up. When her son got home he received some serious disciplinary action. I told Kim I would have glared at him as if I was glaring a hole right through his head and then I would have given him a long lecture on doing right with lots of repetition until great guilt weighed him down and then finally he would have received his disciplinary action!

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