I’d like to trying sailing someday. When I was a teenager a few songs about sailing came on the radio and they sang about it as if it was a great way to get away. It was peaceful and refreshing.

Sometimes as the song played I would close my eyes and imagine being out in a small boat with a big white sail that we would raise and lower as necessary. The day is bright and the lake is calm. No one else is around. They’re off working and making the world go around with their productivity. But we’re not. I’m just leaning back as the boat quietly drifts along. I can hear the gentle slap of water hitting the side of the boat. But that’s the only sound. Everything thing is kind of dreamy as my thoughts escape to thinking about mostly nothing while my husband sits at the front of the boat, he too quietly thinking about something relaxing.
I remember the famous song by Christopher Cross. When I hear that song I still like to imagine. We could go to where my friend Angela and her husband went once. It’s in Florida. There the sand is beautifully white and the Pacific Ocean’s water is clear. The bay area is shallow and for a while you can just play in the water but if you like you can venture out with a boat into the deeper parts.
Or maybe we could be like the guy in this video who thoroughly enjoyed himself in Hawaii:

You know someday, I’d like to see giant coral reefs that are an amazing natural wonder. Right there off the shores of Australia in the Coral Sea. We would go snorkeling to check out all the amazing beauty. (Reality: I need to get better at swimming before I do this.) They say the reefs are so big they can be seen from outer space!! And then at night we could sit on a dock somewhere nearby and look up at the clear night sky. And we would search for and find for our very first time, the Southern Cross that’s only found in the earth’s Southern hemisphere. We would be able to tell the difference between the fake one and the real one.
You know the Southern Cross I’m talking about don’t you. It’s the one Crosby, Stills and Nash sang about:

And someday when Danny makes a gazillion dollars from his internet endeavors we’ll just go on a week’s cruise. Maybe all the way to Alaska to see alot of it’s untouched beauty. And each night we would quietly talk as we watched the giant ship move through the ice cold waters while the full moon overhead causes the ocean water to glisten. And of course in the morning we would rise early to watch as our ship treads along with the dawning sun on the horizon.
Here’s a favorite sailing song by the Little River Band.

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