How To Heal A Broken Heart

There are many people in this world today whose hearts have been broken and whose dreams have been shattered. So they build up bitterness and harden their hearts. They feel sorry for themselves and may refuse to accept that they do wrong or sin. Instead they blame it all on the person who hurt them and make excuses for their sin. Some live their whole life like this. This a sad life built on the foundation of bitterness and refusal to forgive the person who greatly hurt them. Unforgiveness and bitterness can destroy and stop a life from being fulfilled and having peace. And keep the person from growing spiritually with God and in relationships with others.

The love of God is so powerful that it is unfailing and God has mercy that lasts forever. If the hurt person truly gives up all their thoughts that were invested in how they were hurt, God can heal them with a miracle! The hurt person can CHOOSE a miracle that will change their lives. Then God can take their tragedy and turn it into a miracle that others can also choose to accept into their lives. It is the chosen miracle of letting go of bitterness continually until God’s love rules supreme in the individual’s life and then amazing peace, powerful love and attention-getting joy shines through their life! And they become a walking example of how powerful the love of God is.

This miracle takes effort. Time and time again the individual must take charge of their thoughts and change them into positive words found in the Bible like “I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. I submit to God resist the devil. I am hidden in Christ. I take every thought captive!” These are all Bible verses and they are powerful when continuously spoken out loud. God’s Word can be trusted to greatly change lives!







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