Better Days

Just recently I heard of a middle aged woman who was cutting down Christmas trees with her husband then suddenly he had chest pains. She rushed him to the ER but it didn’t help. He died in his mid-thirties. He was a good man and his two children are in the middle of growing up. They were a couple that worked well together. My heart goes out to this family. She is a cake decorator and they rented a farm. When I was reading in Psalm 126 this morning I thought of them and the tough life decisions, financial and otherwise, she must now make on her own. I truly pray she will see God helping her everyday. I know she’s cried from a broken and God is aware of every tear that each member of this family has cried. He knows their painful hurt and their needs.

Dear God, may this family lean on Your strength and see better days as they work through their grief.



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