When I make a blog post, I pull from passages that I am reading in my New Living Translation One Year Bible. Right now I’m reading in Ezekiel, 1 Peter, Psalm and Proverbs. But this morning I wanted to understand the book of Ezekiel better so I googled it and found a website called Never Thirsty. They did well to help me understand Ezekiel. Then I found a Bible verse that looks like part of the foundational statements of their organization. And it’s Awesome! So I’m going to keep going back to this site to see how trustworthy it is compared to my 30+ years of knowledge of the Bible and may use it as a study tool.

But for today, I respect them for posting these two amazing Bible verses that were tucked away in Jeremiah 9! These verses should be used as a prayer of thankfulness to God for His goodness every single day because they remind us to be humble and they give us peace that we win when we follow God!



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