Just So You Know

Just so you know ~

At church Wednesday night I went to the front of the service with a few others and ask the Holy Spirit of God to speak through me. I’m not a faker and I wasn’t wanting show off. The pastors placed their hands on our heads and told us to start a sound. We were quietly speaking.

The Bible talks about the Spirit of God speaking through people in the book of Acts. God’s power is limitless and He can use Christians today to allow His Spirit to speak through in a language thats not recognizable.

i spoke with a quiet voice and kept talking. I used letter sounds from l, m, and n. As I kept takjing my voice started going faster, in fact, it was really fast.

After it was over there was peace from God and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I really didn’t want it to leave. There was a sense of meekness. If you really didn’t want the presence of God there it would leave. But I didn’t want it to leave.



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