Prophetic Provision


When I was around nine years old the book The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey was a best seller. It was about how the world would come to an end according to the Bible. Everyone was talking about it including kids like me. My family didn’t go to church regularly but my friend did. I wanted to become a Christian because I was so scared and I knew I couldn’t run from God.

Today I have been a Christian for many years. I have a One Year Bible that helps me read it through in a year. The great thing about my Bible is I’m reading the last book, Revelation, at Christmas time. I like the combination of focusing on Jesus’ birth and the scary details of Revelation. The truth is God provided Jesus, and even told about His birth in the Old Testament book of Isaiah , hundreds of years before He came to earth. I no longer worry about the troublesome times that will come upon the earth like I did when I was young. I look to Jesus, the Son of God. He’s my Savior.


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