Sam’s First Car

Family life IS the sweetest. . . Tonight I went to pick up my son Sam from working. He works for my brother Richard. When I pulled in next to the car they were driving. I looked at it. It was my other brother’s (Daniel) old car. As I studied the red peeling paint on the hood, I had to drop my head and cry for a little while. This was my son’s first car.
My heart spilled over with joy. There was the satisfaction of accomplishment for my son and then much gratefulness towards my brother for helping him.
Sam had worked since summer began to get the car. Today he has the car and money in a savings account. My brother has helped him greatly. I would drive Sam to work and pick him up. We would figure out meeting times and where I needed to go. Sometimes I would even have to leave Sam at my other brother’s (Kelly) house. When school started, Richard worked around Sam’s tech classes and study time. It took some time but Richard also helped fix the car. All the while Sam was working hard in my brother’s lawn business. During the summer, the long hot days would be a struggle to endure.
Samuel has learned a lot these past few months. The meaning of hard work, wisely handling money, keeping a busy schedule and being responsible.
I’m grateful to my brother Richard. If he hadn’t went beyond being “just a boss” I’m not sure how we would’ve gotten Sam’s first car.


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