Andrew Murray Quote

Taken from the devotional Joy And Strength @ Back To The
Invest your life in helping others.
LET our temper be under the rule of the love of Jesus:
He can not alone curb it,–He can make us gentle and patient.
Let the vow,
that not an unkind word of others shall ever be heard from our lips,
be laid trustingly at His feet.
Let the gentleness that refuses to take offence,
that is always ready to excuse,
to think and hope the best,
mark our intercourse with all.
Let our life be one of self-sacrifice,
always studying the welfare of others,
finding our highest joy in blessing others.
And let us, in studying the Divine art of doing good,
yield ourselves as obedient learners to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
By His grace, the most common-place life can be transfigured with the brightness of a heavenly beauty,
as the infinite love of the Divine nature shines out through our frail humanity.


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