Homonym Fun Questions

Book on Homonym Riddles: Eight Ate by Marvin Terban
Here are some fun puzzling questions to help you study homonyms?
Oh BTW, homonyms are words that are alike in their sound.
1. How does a Moose begin a letter to his cousin?
2. What is a complete opening in the ground?
3. What is a smelly chicken?
4. What do you call a less expensive bird?
5. Who is married to Uncle Beetle?
6. What does a broken window feel?
7. What do you call a bucket that has seen a ghost?
8. What on your face is first aware of a good smell?
9. What is a large animal with thick fun but no clothes on?
10. Wat is perfume that is mailed?
11. What did the math student shout when he added up all the numbers?
12. What is a weird street of shops that sell incredible things?
13. Two ran the race, but only . . .
14. What is a reddish-purple vegetable that is all worn out?
15. What will a foot doctor do for you?
16. If they are not here, where are they?
17. What is a rabbit fur?
18. When two couples go to a restaurant together, they aask for a table . . .
19. What are nervous little outdoor cloth houses?
20. What do you use to make blossom bread and petal pie?
21. How does the short man meet the tall man?
22. If you don’t listen over there, where should you listen?
23. What does the man who looks at oceans do all day?
24. What did the rich man give his rabbit?
25. If a big rock is brave, what do you call one that’s even braver?
26. What do you call a hot drink on the golf course?
27. What is clam strength?
28. What is a string of jewels for someone with no neck?
29. What do you call the sharp, curved nails on a crab who is playing Santa?
30. If two apples are a couple of apples, what are two pears?
31. What is a great accomplishment using the ends of your legs?
32. What does a female deer use for baking?
33. What is a sailor’s bellybutton?
34. How do you say, “Make that wool into a sweater, little insect!”
35. What is a good-looking, horse-drawn carriage?
36. What is a pier for doctors only?

1. Dear deer
2. A whole hole
3. Foul fowl
4. A cheaper cheeper
5. Aunt Ant
6. A pain in the payne
7. A pale pail
8. A nose knows
9. A bare bear
10. Sent scent
11. Some sum!
12. bazarre bizarre
13. One won.
14. A beat beet
15. He’ll heal your heel
16. They’re there
17. Hare hair
18. For four
19. Tense tents
20. Flower flour
21. Hi, High!
22. Hear here!
23. Sees seas
24. 14-carat carrot
25. A bolder boulder
26. Tee tea
27. Mussel muscle
28. A neckless necklace
29. Clause claws
30. A pear pair
31. A feet feat
32. Doe dough
33. A naval navel
34. “Knit, nit!”
35. A handsome hansom
36. A Dock dock


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