Internet Geography: Aukland, New Zealand

Where in the world is Aukland, New Zealand? I wanna know. Well, I found out it is near Australia in the Earth’s Southern Hemisphere at the Mapquest site. It has the Tasman Sea to the West and the Pacific Ocean to the East.
New Zealand has an upper island and a lower island. Aukland is in the upper island. It has a population of 1.3 million and is by far the largest city in New Zealand.
If I had the opportunity to visit Aukland, New Zealand, I know of a couple of interesting things I’d like to do.

I would go to the Aukland Museum and see an Egyptian Exhibition which has the most comprehensive collection of such artifacts. Then I would like to take a boat tour out to see some dolphins! I hear that the Hauraki Gulf is one of the best kept secrets of New Zealand. There you can see dolphins, whales, seabirds and other marine wildlife. I’d also like to go to the Great Barrier Island discovered by Captain James Cook in 1769. I’m not sure where I would eat. I’d like to try some authentic food. I could ask the locals for a restaurant they would recommend.
New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, so there climate is reversed from what I’m used to in the USA. January and February are the warmest months, Autumn is from March to May, Winter from June to August, and Spring from September to November. Sometimes the weather changes so much the locals joke that they can experience the four seasons in one day.


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