Internet Geography: Fresno, California, USA

I love to learn and I want to learn the world. Someday I want to travel to the best places, learn about the people, the culture and see the sites that make them proud and unique.
Fresno, California
I have an internet friend from Fresno. Fresno is in California along the west coast of the US next to the Pacific Ocean. I went to their Chamber of Commerce website and learned some. Here are a few things:

Fresno County has a population of almost 900,000. They are located in the center of the state of California and not very far away is Yosemite Park and Old Faithful. It is about an hour and half drive. Their name is the Spanish name for Ash Tree.
They do alot of farming in Fresno County because they are the #1 produce producers in the nation! I found the Fresno County Fruit Trail and discovered several of the delicious food they locally grow. I saw mouth-watering images of shallots, carrots, red long beans, peaches, red raspberries and artichokes in bloom.
I bet it’s fun to visit the open markets in the Spring and Summer months. If I lived there I would try to make half of my daily diet fresh produce.
When I checked the weather it was 92 degrees and partly cloudy.
I’d love to know more about Fresno. Please leave a comment and enlighten me.


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