Nashville Habitat For Humanity!

One of the biggest passions of my life is to travel somewhere with a mission in mind! November 4 through 10 that ongoing dream came true. By day we worked out in the elements to build homes from the foundation up. By night several of us had the privilege of dining,relaxing and resting at the luxurious Gaylord Opryland Resort.

I travelled to Nashville, Tennessee with Habitat For Humanity to help build 10 houses in five days with a group of three hundred other people! It was the first annual Building Blocks trip in which Whirlpool and Habitat For Humanity have united to begin a charitable partnership of giving people the opportunity to own their own affordable home.
I’m excited about all the details of the trip. I told my husband that I’ll be spending at least 5 hours, on my first day back today, on the computer working to write out as many details as possible. I just want to record and share with you all the stuff of what I consider an amazing trip.
This trip involved four components that caused me to wear a continuous smile while there.
First of all, I’m helping someone out who wants help. I’m always glad for an opportunity to give of my time in such situations. Giving to others in this way feels great.
Secondly, I get to work with people who, like me, are there “just to help out”. We come together as a team with an unselfish goal. While you are there with the one your helping out, a thought may keep popping into their head of “Why are you here and why are you taking time out of you life to do this for me?”
Thirdly, I get to meet so many people who are full of interesting details that make their lives interesting. This is my favorite side benefit. There’s a saying I’ve heard, “People like to talk about themselves.” This is definitely true and I love to listen and ask them a ton of questions in our casual chat to help me figure out who they are and what makes them a success! (I can use this information to help my four children to also be a success.)
And lastly, I get to learn and do something with my hands. What an excellent opportunity Habitat For Humanity provides when they give volunteers everything they need to learn how to build a house. Also, there are people around who will teach and help you figure out the details of housebuilding.


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