Father’s Day Is June 18!

My husband recently got an email from his sister, Tanya. In her email she told of a very frustrating incident that was resolved in an unsuspecting way. She let me put it on my blog for you to read.

Here is a before picture
taken a few years ago
a picture taken a few minutes
ago with Carlie next to her

As most of you know, I collect Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls. I also have three dogs which are totally considered my babies. So, about a year ago Carlie, my youngest dog, totally destroyed my very first Raggedy Ann that my Mom & Dad had gotten me. She is the doll that started it all! She has sat in her very own rocking chair for years & had been treated with love & care. Ya see, I had gotten her when I was very small, so small Mom said I couldn’t even carry her. Mom had to put several different shoes on her because I would drag her around everywhere & her feet would actually drag the ground. So, when Carlie literally shredded her face up I was crushed. When Dylan (Tanya’s son) & I came in & found her spread through out the house I fell down & actually cried like a baby. Dylan just stood there & didn’t know what to say. I was upset with Carlie for awhile but knew it was my own fault for not putting my Raggedy Ann up while Carlie was still in puppy mode. I ended up putting my precious doll in a Wal-Mart bag & putting her in the closet. Well, today is my birthday & my wonderful husband surprised me with my Raggedy Ann with a face lift! A lady he works with (Johnnie Mae) cleaned her up & fixed her face up. I was so surprised I again cried like a baby!!! She looks wonderful! Here is a before picture taken a few years ago & a picture taken a few minutes ago with Carlie next to her. Carlie licked her & now is a much more mature dog & hasn’t torn up anything in a long time. Trust me I will be putting Raggedy Ann up just in case!!! Don’t I have a great husband!!!!!!

Way to go, Tim:) Such thoughtfulness is the way to win your wife’s heart again and again!


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