Cure the Blues: Run

The other night I was watching the national news and researchers say that exercise can relieve depression. Woo-hoo! The study even says it can replace the use of medication such as Zoloft. I kind of knew all of this was true in the back of my head but it still inspires me on. For the new year I have been wanting to run a mile three times a week. This will take a bit of getting used to but it’s not too hard. A practiced person can run a mile in about 15 minutes! I’ll just walk and run until I build up to running only.
Depression runs in my family. When I get to feeling like a failure I just want to sleep all day because sleeping gives me the opportunity to escape all the thoughts that worry around inside my brain.

I like to run while the sun is rising. It’s still quiet without any people around and I like to watch as the sky gets brighter for the new day ahead. It’s a way to jumpstart my day instead of just lounging around not wanting to get busy with the chores I need to do. The weather this year has been unusually mild so I’ve already been running some even though spring isn’t here. Anissa from church said she likes to run in 40 degree F weather. I agree, it feels nice when I’m warm enough with my gloves and the hood of my jacket covering my ears. It’s refreshing to see the frost covering everything. I also like to run while the sun is going down. Our high school football stadium was the perfect setting for that last summer.


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