Ginny’s Birthday Wish List

Ginny’s birthday is coming very soon. I’ve gotten an idea or two about what to get her. But the other day she surprised me with a list. She labeled it her birthday wish list. She will be turning eight. Here is her list (in order of priority):

1. bluebird
2. bunny
3. horse
4. kitten
5. puppy
6. Amazing Amanda
7. Little girl Barbie doll and a Ken doll
Well, a bluebird would be hard to catch. Bunnies are a giant (family) project within themselves. We have no place to put a horse. We just got a new kitten. Our dog, Sandy, provides us with enough opportunities to care and love a dog. Ginny has wanted the Amazing Amanda doll since before Christmas but since she already has several other baby dolls I can hardly justifly spending $50 or $60 for one doll. Now I consider # 7 a good possible option. She has a pregnant Barbie doll so that doll really needs a husband and they would make a cute family with a little girl Barbie doll. There is one other option I’ve considered. I want to check out the easy bake ovens. When I was little I always wanted one and I know Ginny would love to spend her time baking. Besides she may even get on good terms with her brothers if she is constantly giving them cakes.


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