A Hundred Years By Five For Fighting

. . . I’m 41 for a moment,
I hadn’t heard the song in about a year. For some reason I just hadn’t played the CD in a while
. . . caught in between 1 and 80
I was in adapting the words as they came out of my mouth
. . . and I’m just dreamin’
Jonathan was in the back seat of our car. I wanted to see if I could make him smile his big smile and then tell me that’s stupid and to stop it
Here’s the real vid. This song sure hangs around in your head. I woke up singing it yesterday.
I played the song on the CD player for my oldest who is 15. He was quiet. I think he just went ahead and endured his mothers silliness. I’ll have to make it popular again with our family when the next one turns 15.

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