Pacific states: Their Capital And Meaning Of Their Name By Ginny

Alaska’s capital is Juneau
The name “Alaska” was used by the Russians to refer only to the peninsula. This name was used by the United States to refer, first to the entire territory, and then, to the State after its purchase in 1867.
The name “Alaska” is taken from the Aleut word “aláxsxaq” that refers to an object to which the sea is directed, in this case the Alaska peninsula and mainland. This is sometimes loosely translated as “great land.”

Hawaii’s capital is Honolulu
Though Captain James Cook called the islands that he discovered in 1778 the Sandwich islands, this honor to the Earl of Sandwich would be short-lived. King Kamehameha I united the islands under his rule by 1819 as the Kingdom of Hawaii.
A couple of theories exist on the origin of the name Hawaii. One theory has it that the name comes from a combination of the words “Hawa” and “ii” and means a small or new homeland; “Hawa” meaning a traditional homeland and “ii” meaning small and raging. The other theory is that the name comes from the traditional discoverer of the islands, Hawaii Loa.

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