More Practice On Verb Phrases

Find the verb phrases and identify the kind of verbs.
1. John might make a pizza for dinner.
2. You should have seen our photos.
3. The sun has just set over the treetops.
4. Have you seen the Lincoln Memorial?
5. We will wait for the commerical.
6. Joe doesn’t ride the bus.
7. Can you play chess?
8. We could have talked all nght.
9. They are not following directions.
10. Has Maggie already gone home?
11. Carol will take a plane to New Mexico.
12. Mark is not going to the barbecue.
13. I can hardly hear you.
14. We should have been practicing all day.
15. You must never open that door.

1. might helping verb
make main verb
2. should have hv
seen mv
3. has hv
set mv
4. have hv
seen mv
5. will hv
wait mv
6. does hv
ride mv
7. can hv
play mv
8. could have hv
talked mv
9. are hv
following mv
10. has hv
gone mv
11. will hv
take mv
12. is hv
going mv
13. can hv
hear mv
14. should have been hv
practicing mv
15. must hv
open mv

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