The Game of Chess

When I was a kid I learned to play Checkers. But I didn’t think it was necessary or want to put forth the effort to learn Chess. I learned last night. My son, Benjamin, taught me.

We played for about 45 minutes. I kept forgetting the paths and how the different pieces can be moved. I kept asking Benjamin and he would retell me the right moves. Memorizing the names of the pieces and how their allowed to move reminded me of learning an assembly line job. When I would first learn a job I would have to stop, focus and memorize how a part would fit onto a stove. Every hour that we would rotate to a different position I would have to learn something new. Except chess is far better than learning the robotic moves of an assembly line position. After knowing enough about the moves you begin thinking ahead to how you can “take ’em out”.
That’s all there is to learning chess. Memorize the parts and their moves and then you have the fun of figuring out the most strategic moves.

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