Sunday School Lesson

This blog is for my couple dozen neices and nephews to give them encouragement in doing the right thing.
Did you go to church today? (I’m talkin’ a Bible-believing, tell-the-truth church!) If you didn’t maybe you could sit in while we have a little Sunday school lesson on my blog today. My husband used to watch a Christian cartoon called Jot when he was a kid.

The cartoons were published in 1964 in Forth Worth, Texas, USA. Jot, the main character, even has a pleasant little southern accent in his voice.
Lesson #1 Here’s a clip from Youtube that talks about lying. Maybe you haven’t had a lesson in lying in decades. Maybe you are well-established in your business dealings and are convinced that lying is a part of life and you have to do it in order to survive in the cut-throat business world of today. Well, you’re wrong!!!!! You need to help change modern day life and get back to good foundational morals and quit lying. (Shame on you.)

Lesson #2 Okay, now we need to do a five minute lesson on stealing. Do you steal from the office? Stealing is taking things that do not belong to you! I know your thinkin’ the company can just absorb the cost. Hopefully, you were taught as a child that stealing is wrong. If you’ve taken something from your work, take some advice from Jot. Take it back and tell someone you’re sorry. Apologize to God too!

These films are elementary and fundamental in their level of morality. Where is your level of morality??
Finally, here’s a quick commercial from a couple of other young men of moral character:

We got hosed, Tommy, we got hosed!

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