Thank you for today
I am grateful
For today is all I have
–Phil Keaggy

I wanted to search the web today for my brother Perry. We were talking about music and guitarists at our family Christmas party. He wants to take his son Zach to see Phil Keaggy in concert because he heard he was the best. (Out of all the incredibly talented guitar players I hope he really is the best) I told him Danny and I, our family and Penny and Deena saw him in concert at John Brown University six or seven years ago. It was in a small auditorium and we had close seats. The concert lasted about three hours. As I watched him I realized something unusual. He has a finger missing in the middle on his left hand! But I love the irony of it all, he is so incredibly good.
I found his website. I’m so so glad he is a dedicated man of Christ. For once, it doesn’t happen very much, someone who has incredible talent has dedicated his life to the Creator who made his talent.
The closest tour dates I found on his site are Pine Bluff, AR on Jan. 13 or Wichita, KS on Jan. 20.
I put the quote at the start of this entry because those are words to the song you hear when you pull up his site. He was inspired by Bible verses from the Sermon on the Mount when he wrote those words. Here’s the homepage of his site if you want to listen.
Here’s Phil playing on YouTube

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