My Prayer Life

I have lots of time to think at work. I talk to God on the job. Here’s some of the things I pray. I pray that the people on my assembly line (about 90) would think good thoughts (Philippians 4:8). I pray that they would even think about God and try to figure Him out or not be mad at Him anymore or that they would have the desire get closer to Him. I even boldly ask that a Great Awakening would come (you know, a big revival where people would get a sense of the presence of God and then search out who He is and have a passion to live for Him). Since I have a great boss who thoughtfully takes care of us I pray for him too, that he would be a man of great integrity and honor God with his excellent talents. I pray also that he would have a happy family life. And then, of course, I pray for my husband and our family. I pray for things like our finances, parenting skills and that our children would have a happy, healthy and productive childhood.

But today I prayed a prayer I hadn’t really done before. I told God I’m so tired of praying because it seems I get no answer. I’m not trying to get bitter toward God and I’m thankful for what I got. I’m just so tired of unanswered prayers. Some of my prayers I’ve been praying for fourteen years. Honestly, as a Christian I’m getting burnt out on the daily prayer part. And sometimes when I wake up disturbed in the middle of the night I feel like I should say a prayer but I don’t know what to say, so honestly, I just say in my head, “JESUS, I don’t know what to do.”
But its okay. I sure am glad my husband now prays with me in the morning. And I do a family devotion with my children most nights. I probably just need to figure a couple of fresh ideas to spruce up my personal prayer time.

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