The Cheesy Burger King Guy

What happened to Burger King? Are they on a massive campaigne to sell cheese. That’s what it appears like to me. The plastic faced Burger King guy is starting to get on my nerves. He’s getting on my husband’s nerves too.

The other day Danny was watching TV with our children. Suddenly, I hear him talk loud and then everyone bursts out in laughter. I run in the living room eager to join in. A Burger King commercial had come on with the giant plastic face looking through a window at a woman inside a room (like King Kong would do). My husband imagined the commercial in a more ridiculous way and then described it to everyone:

A group of mafia type gangsters are meeting in a smoke filled room when the fake faced Burger King man appeared. Totally freaked out the gangsters draw their guns and in a hail of bullets, repeatedly shoot him. Lying in a bloody mess on the floor, his face still has that frozen, plastic smile, so one of the gangsters shouts, “HE’S STILL SMILING AT ME!!!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! and he keeps shooting at the corpse until his gun is empty.

Just last week, another commercial came on for Burger King with the character running for a touchdown in a football game. I suppose he was pretending to be in the Super Bowl. This time my husband said he’s starting to give him the creeps.
The other day on another commercial I saw Ronald McDonald skating around with a lovely young ice skater. This is more like it. I’ve always had a positive attitude toward Ronald ever since, as a kid, I would see him defeat the Hamburgler in commercials on Saturday mornings. Back then, I had similar respect for the more real looking Burger King. If I remember correctly, I would see the Burger King walking through bright green flower-laden grass with children all around him. I don’t know what caused him to change through his several years of absence but now I definitely would not want small children to frolic around him in a sunny meadow. The King of burgers today wears a cheap looking head that’s too big in proportion to his body. Maybe the Burger King guy needs to retire to some kingdom far far away and some family types take over his spotlight.

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