The Velveeteen Rabbit

Have you found any really good books to read to your children lately? I have. Pastor Chuck Swindoll mentioned this book in a sermon when he was talking about Mom’s. The book was written in the 1920’s. It’s a story that little kids understand but has a meaning that grownups can think about. It has fantasy in it where the young readers can use their imagination. The pictures drawn with the original book aren’t beautifully detailed so the book is a bit unsuspecting in that it is a classic and one you want to keep and reread several times. The book begins with a Christmas scene. But as I looked it up on the internet, time and time again it had been made into a play for Easter. In fact the entire book is on the internet. I found it under the first entry on Yahoo when I typed in The Velveteen Rabbit. If you wanted to read it as a bedtime story it would take about a week to read aloud. But you won’t regret reading. In fact, I would like to study the writer’s details of this book and remember them just for when I want to write for children.
Here’s a passage from the book. It talks about being real. The toys are put away for the night and the new Velveeten rabbit is having a discussion with the oldest toy, the skin horse:

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