September 13, 2005

Pat, a lady I work with, has a big mug that advertises the importance of water on it. When it broke and she didn't want it anymore, I asked her if I could have it so I could get the info off of it. So she gave it to me:

You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. (duh, I bet you knew that)

The fact is:
--The body is 80% water
--We need to drink at least half our body weight in ounces of water
--Water removes harmful toxins from the body
--Dehydration slows down the body's metabolism
--Lack of water causes daytime fatigue
--Water plays a vital role in almost every bodily function

A mere two percent drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory trouble with basic math problems and difficulty focusing.

Water regulates the temperature of the human body,
carries nutrients and oxygen to cells,
cushions joints,
protects organs and tissues,
and removes wastes.

Water Stats:
75% of the U.S. population chronically dehydrated
37% of the U.S. population mistake thirst for hunger
98% of dieters use water to deter hunger pangs

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September 04, 2005
I've Discovered the Fountain of Youth

In America most people want to have one or two children. I have observed something that I've never read about but I've heard many comment about. Women who have several children tend to look younger. Especially women I have seen at church. I've seen mothers who have 8 or more children looking peaceful as they go around caring for their little ones. The mothers I'm thinking of have been married several years to their husband and mainly focus on raising their children.

If these women were placed in a line and the only information given is that they were mothers, most would not guess that they have a large family. There are at least four practical reasons I've figured out as to why they look so young.

1. If you have small children you're going to have to stay active to keep up with them. For example, you have to run after them to stay aware of their location and to protect them from harm. You also have to use your mind and stay busy to continuously provide for their needs of the moment.

2. If you don't have youngsters around to unselfishly care for, you turn to more selfish thoughts and actions. Constantly using our mind and actions to help others is what God desires for us to do.

3. When a woman is pregnant with a brand new life within her that baby is making new blood and it mixes with her blood for about nine months. Thus for nine months for each child the mother has, new life is helping her stay young.

4. Every time a woman gets pregnant she postpones menopause. God provides every female with a certain number of eggs available to help her get pregnant. During pregnancy those eggs are stored. Otherwise, (usually) one per month is released. When that certain number is used up menopause and oldness set in.

When a woman focuses on raising children, she is doing the most important thing God intended for her to do.

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September 03, 2005
Max Lucado Quote

My husband reviews Christian books on his blog. I'm definitely not an avid reader but I do check out the books that are sent him. The most recent is called Think Before You Look by Daniel Henderson (published in April 2005). I glanced through it and found a good quote by author Max Lucado. It helps me remember God's love for me.

"If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If He had a wallet your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning. Whenever you want to talk, He'll listen. He could live anywhere in the universe and He chose your heart."

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