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May 4, 2007

Habitat For Humanity House

After lunch today, I went to the house our company is building with Habitat For Humanity. It's a three bedroom house. It's being built for a lady named Sarina. We put on siding. Jeremy, Mike and another guy (Sorry, I don't know his name) climbed the ladders and I helped by handing them stuff. I also worked with Sherri. There has been alot of progress since it began being built.

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May 5, 2007

Postcrossing and Postcards

I found an interesting website via Mrs. Happy Housewife. It is named Postcrossing. There you can register and then send out a postcard to someone in another country and receive one back. It's a great and inexpensive way to learn some of other countries and individuals who live there.

May 6, 2007

Marriage Communication

Where does time go on a Sunday morning? I got up at 5:30 and didn't even finish reading the Bible passages for the day. My husband got up at 5:00! Sunday mornings before our children get up are a time in which we talk about thoughts of interest that just pop in our head.

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Educational: The USA Game

Sometime (soon) when I become an official teacher of an official elementary classroom I want to have a serious underlying attitude that learning knowledge is serious business. And then, I want to use a bunch of creativity to make it enjoyable and fun. I have several educational websites I plan to go through. I know I can make these e-games into manipulatives for the classroom. I found a good free game to help students learn the states. I enjoyed playing it and I'll bet you will too! (Admit it, you're a kid at heart!!) The name of the game is The USA game.

Educational E-Games: Spelling

I went to an educational game site called Gamequarium and funbrain. It is full of all kinds of educational games. There were links linked all over the place to other links. I've been looking through them for over an hour and have found a few select that are appealing and practical in helping children with spelling and language arts.

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May 7, 2007

Ginny's Emergency Room Visit

Alligator Food And Olive Juice

Alligator food, alligator food,
I wanna feed an alligator
If I could.

Olive juice, olive juice . . .OLIVE JUICE!
How many juicy olives
Should we use?

I love you. I do. I do. I love you.
Just smile for me to say
You love me too. :)

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May 8, 2007

Apollos, The Eloquent

Judges, Job and Acts. I have read from these books of the Bible this morning and discovered more about the man named Apollos who was aquainted with the famous apostle named Paul. I consider Apollos a coooooool guy.

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May 9, 2007

Lifestyle Learning

Mark Twain once said, I have never let schooling interfere with my education. This quote has a bit of ornriness. Twain obviously had a good understanding of ornriness because he wrote Tom Sawyer. While learning in a classroom, a child must have structure, productivity and the drive to fully complete assignments but he/she must also develop an underlying foundation for lifestyle learning. That is, a desire to learn knowledge each day of life.

May 10, 2007

Building Blocks 2007 Coming Soon

I have just two more days of work. We're working 10 hours of overtime on Friday. (yeah! extra money!) I need to start packing. I have some ironing to do as I pack. I made a list of everything I need to bring.

I'm going to traveling on Mother's Day. This bother me some but we've figured out a plan. I watch an elderly lady on Saturday. Since I need to be at her house at 10am, we are going out for breakfast. IHOP in Tulsa sounds good. I've eaten there once several years ago. They have pancakes that have a cream cheese filling. That sounds good. After breakfast Danny is going to take our children to Wal-mart. They have some idea for gifts they would like to buy. Then he will pick me up around 6pm.

May 11, 2007


This morning I read in Judges 13. It told about an angel of the Lord coming to a couple. The angle told them they would have a son. That son would be Samson. While the mother was pregnant she had to be careful in her pregnancy. Judges says, `Behold, you shall conceive and give birth to a son, and now you shall not drink wine or strong drink nor eat any unclean thing, for the boy shall be a Nazirite to God from the womb to the day of his death.' " Samson would be a judge for Israel. He was known as the strong man in the Old Testament. He was also known for his downfall because of his lover Delilah.

May 12, 2007

Building Blocks 2007: Preparing To Take a Trip

My family and I have a busy day. And it has already started moving fast. My trip begins Sunday early in the morning.

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Java Plantation Imports

My husband is the webmaster of a site called Homeschool Buy. Each month he writes a newsletter. This month he asked a friend, Chris, that he has been in contact with since they went to high school together (about 30 years ago) to write about his business and offer some internet auction selling tips. His story is an interesting one.

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May 13, 2007

Building Blocks 2007: Day of Departure

It's the day of departure for me. Look out Pheonix, Arizona here I come. Ginny is lying next to me with her head on my arm as I write this. I've been checking the weather in Pheonix. It's going to 100 degrees when I get there! And then it's going to be about the same all week long. This is different from our humid but not so hot Oklahoma spring days.

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May 20, 2007

Home From Building Blocks 2007

This past week has been full of working hard and staying busy. It's been more than a 40 hour week. On the other hand, I've been staying at a resort where I've been able to relax, go swimming, enjoy the lovely setting around me and endulge in fine dining.

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Building Blocks 2007: First Day

Day one was the longest day of all the week. Everyone was eager to work. We were all rested since the week has just begun. At breakfast peptalks from the leaders inspired us even more.

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Building Blocks 2007: Valley of the Sun

The Pheonix Metropolitan Area is known as the Valley of the Sun. The first time I remember hearing this was during the opening ceremony when Christine Odom spoke the phrase as she introduced herself as the CEO of Habitat For Humanity for the Pheonix area.

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Building Blocks 2007 Facts

You need to know the basic facts of this major endeavor.

--This is a joint effort by Whirlpool and Habitat For Humanity

--This is the second annual event

--This time 9 homes were built in 4 1/2 days

--The 9 homes were built in Guadaloupe, AZ

--300 volunteers participated

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Building Blocks 2007: Tulsa Team

The Tulsa Manufacturing Plant sent five volunteers to the build.

--Brian, an engineer and his wife, Debbie
They worked on House #9.

--Mary, RACAL Laboratory
She worked on House #5.

--Gisy, an industrial engineer
She worked on House #2.

--Linda (me), Manufacturing Line #4
I worked on House #7

We put in more than 40 hours of work on our houses. On our time off we enjoyed fine dining, fun and rest.

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May 21, 2007

Back To Work

I return to my normal routine today. Stacey is driving in our carpool.

I had the opportunity to take a picture with the homeowner and a range. The range was packaged like we always package them so its from Tulsa. I also got to describe some of the different parts of the range to a young woman engineer from Michigan who took the picture.

I met many interesting and successful people in Arizona. That was the funnest part.

May 22, 2007

Mary Ann's H4H Photos

It began raining outside at about 4:30am.

I took about 500 pictures on the Habitat For Humanity trip. I'm still sorting through them and writing in captions for each picture. I just got an email from Mary Ann. She has her pictures on this website She took about 150 pics.

May 23, 2007

Ginny's Cookies

Yesterday when I came home from work Ginny showed me a simple recipe for cookies. She asked me if she could bake them. She found the recipe in a book. It was about a missionary names Lottie Moon. Lottie Moon is famous in Baptist churches. She lived in China. Every Christmas an offering is taken up in her name.

Ginny made the cookies. In fact, she doubled the recipe. We didn't have any cream. I told her to just use milk. The cookies were very crumbly and wouldn't hold together. But they were still good.

May 24, 2007

Danny's New Quote

My husband, Danny, is an independant thinker. I always like to run ideas by him to get his opinion. And then, he makes me look good because I adopt his interesting ideas.

Here's his quote: If God chooses to make me poor so that my children could be rich in character; I'm fine with that.

May 25, 2007

Enemies of the Psalmist

In the Bible King Saul didn't like and was jealous of David, the Isrealite. He wanted the favored warrior dead. David was on the run and being hunted down by Saul's men. His situation was tense and stressful, always fearful that someone near was going to kill him. I read in the Psalms his words and can relate to him somewhat.

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Internet Typing Tutor

Here are some good internet games to help your children learn proper keyboarding.

Kids Learn to Type

Kid's Typing Drill Game

How Fast Can You Type

May 26, 2007

I Love This Part . . .

This morning I got a phone call that makes me proud of my three sons. The manager of the park where we live called and asked if one of my sons would come and mow their lawn. The manager has also referred other people to my sons and their little lawn mowing businesses.

We had to figure out who would get it. We finally decided that Jonathan could do it since he has had the least business lately. It makes me smile to know my children have a good reputation for their work. :)

Jamie's H4H Pictures

During our Building Blocks Trip I met Jamie. All through the days of the build she took pictures and put them on a site. She has it nicely organized for each day. You should check it out.

Jamie had the sweet privilege of having her husband and Mom and Dad there. They all worked hard in building our house. Here's a good one of them and here's one of Jamie and her parents.

Here's one of me from Day 3.

May 27, 2007

16 Years of Rock N Roll

Danny and I celebrated our 16th anniversary on the 25th. We've been through alot, all kinds of stresses and struggles. But we can still have fun.

When it comes to music we're from the old "koooooool" school. We hang out with the best like Cheap trick, The Knack, and Eddie Money.

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May 28, 2007


I read a devotional from a book called Streams In The Desert from the Back To The Bible website. It is was written in 1925 by Mrs. Charles Cowen. I read of a man who prayed for his son who was very ill. Here's the story:

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English Zone

I found a great site to help you know English better. It's called the English Zone.

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May 29, 2007

Teaching To Change Lives

I'm working toward becoming a public school teacher. A big reason why I want to do this is to impact the future of my nation with good. I want to help my students to have a passion for knowledge which will help them become successful, interesting and caring adults. Long ago Daniel Webster spoke of the importance of affecting the next generation:

“If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds and instill into them just principles, we are then engraving that upon tablets which no time will efface, but will brighten and brighten to all eternity.”
-Daniel Webster

A Tale of Two Americans

<em>My husband wrote a blog entry today. He writes for Jack Lewis.Net. We most recently celebrated Memorial Day. The day which solemnly acknowledges that our soldiers died so that we have the freedom to use our talents to be a success. Here's the true story of two American lives.

A Tale of Two Americans

For reasons that will become clear later, let's just call him Dr. Kyi (not his real name). He was born in what used to be called Burma, which was renamed by its current military dictatorship to Myanmar. He grew up under the oppressive control of the ruling military junta which answered to no one for their oppression of the people of Burma. The current elected leader, who won by a landslide majority, remains imprisoned while the military dictatorship continues to rule and oppress the Burmese people. The average income there is around $1,800 a year, in spite of the wealth of natural resources. Dr. Kyi eventually was able to escape, and came to America.

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News From Guadalupe

Bob "the builder" O'Brien worked with me on house #7 during our Habitat For Humanity Building Blocks 2007. I received an email from him just today. He linked us to the local newspaper that had a slide show of the build. Here it is:

AZ Central

May 30, 2007

Strength In Struggles

King Saul wanted to kill David. This was a heavy dark cloud that continuously hovered over his head. But David would take refuge in talking to and trusting in God. I'm going through stressful times right now. So much that my appetite is less and I have lost weight. I have been accused falsely of a deed I did not do.

Sometimes the stress and nervousness takes over and I have to stop and just focus on breathing and work at calming myself down. At least I'm not overwhelmed with the reality that like David someone is pursuing me to end my life!!!!!

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The Goodness of God

I'm not a person who bases my faith on emotional words that I speak insisting that God will do the words I say and pray. God exists and is judicious in how He exercises His power.

My husband heard a Bible passage last week in Sunday School that reminded him of me. It comforts me. Once again, it is from a Psalm and the original author is David.

Psalm 27:12-14

12 Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty.

13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

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May 31, 2007

The Meeting yesterday

I went to the meeting yesterday. The operations manager basically agreed with the previous decision. He said he would put his decision on hold. I asked him what that meant. Then he said it would need to go to the next level of the peer review process. So I filled out a form to go to the next step. In the next meeting I will meet with someone higher in management who is a director. The director is just below the chief executive officer. After that I will go to a peer review committee consisting of five people, two salaried and three wage earners.

Lucky the Turtle

There has been alot of rain this month. For some reason when it rains it makes the turtles in ponds near our house come out. A kid found a baby turtle alongside our little paved neighborhood road near a dumpster. The kid gave it to my son Benjamin. The kid thought Lucky would be a good name so it stuck.

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