December 21, 2006
Boston More Than A Feeling

My Dad bought me my first real car when I was 17.

It cost about 2000 dollars. It was a yellow two door Maverick with a white vinyl top. When I got it, it had about 20, 000 miles on it and I think it was a '78. I made it a cute little hot rod when I tinted the glass and put some Crager shiny chrome spoke rims on it. It had a 302 v8 engine (fuel injection not invented when this car was made)

My brother Richard put a nice radio in it. I would listen to radio stations in the Tulsa area. Stations like 106.9 (pop rock), 96.5 (soft rock) and 97.5 (hard rock and classic rock).

I'd turn on a good song. I've always loved getting caught up in a song. I'm definitely one of those people who sing in their car when no one else is there and, although not as loud and bold, also when there are people in the car.

A good song, whether mellow, upbeat, storytelling or whatever, is easy to get caught up in. It seems to me I tend to show my different emotions more than the average. Getting caught up in a song means the message of the song and it's tune mix together and can strongly match some emotions I can quickly pull up. I even enjoy playing with my emotions when a different song comes on the radio and then I turn on a different emotion than before.

Know what I mean? For example, Shania Twain's, Man, I Feel Like A Woman comes on and I try hard to sing every word loudly with excitement and imagine in my head dancing on a dance floor on a girl's night out. Then I could listen to Arlo Guthrie's song, Good Morning America, How Are You? and focus on saying each word because its telling a story. Then I could sing a song like James Taylor's Copperline and have a mood of reminiscing about days gone by. All the while in every song I'm pretending it's me in the song or envisioning the descriptive words as I sing them.

I remember once driving home and then turning the ignition off and parking. The song More Than a Feeling by Boston was on. It's kind of hard to explain but I leaned my head back and got lost in the song. Here's a video I found for it from 1976:

The words to More than a feeling!

I woke up this morning and the sun was gone,
Turned on some music to start my day.
I lost myself in a familiar song,
I closed my eyes and I slipped away.


It's more than a feeling (more than a feeling)
When I hear that old song they used to play (more than a feeling).
I begin dreaming (more than a feeling)
Till I see Marianne walk away.
I see my Marianne walking away.

So many people have come and gone,
Their faces fade as the years go by;
Yet I still recall as I wander on,
As clear as the sun in the summer sky.


[Guitar Solo]

When I'm tired and thinking cold
I hide in my music, forget the day,
And dream of a girl I used to know.
I closed my eyes and she slipped away.

She slipped away.

Today teenagers get lost in a song in an even bigger way. Play station has a video game called guitar hero where learn to play the song on a control. Here's an example:

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