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April 3, 2006

Family Bible Study: 4.02.06

Did you know Moses was a very meek man but God used him mightily in leading the children of Israel? Moses died at the age of 120 and the Bible says even then he had excellent eyesight.

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April 5, 2006

The Ranger Job

Lately my life has fell into a lull. What I mean is, I'm in the rut of raising my family and working. In the last two years I've gave my life some adventure by going on a medical mission trip to Nicaragua but this year I decided against it. We could use the money for our family. So I decided to have some adventure with my assembly line job. You already know that we make ranges there.

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April 7, 2006

Running Reduces Cancer Risk (Duh!)

I just read an article I want to tell you about.* Every few months Claremore Regional Hospital in Claremore, Oklahoma, sends out a free magazine. This time the article was about exercise and they listed several reasons why breaking a sweat is a good thing. The title was Break a Sweat to Reduce Your Cancer Risk! It said "Inactivity and a poor diet cause more than 180,000 U.S. cancer deaths each year." The American Cancer Society recommends getting 30 to 45 minutes of exercise 5 or more times a week. The article said people who exercise have a better working body. Unlike sedentary people, those who exercise have:

--a healthier body weight and lesser fat, especially around the abdomen
--better blood sugar control
--better hormone regulation
--faster digestion, which shortens the bowel's exposure to toxins

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April 9, 2006

Ranger Job: Front Frames

On my first day as a ranger I went to the area at the start of the assembly line. In order to make a range you have to start with some kind of frame. The steel frame we use is the dark gray porcelain facing that is around the oven and the storage drawer at the bottom of the stove. (Oops! Did I say stove? In our manufacturing plant it is an unspoken courtesy to not use that word.) The front frame team had about 7 positions.

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Ranger Job: Storage Drawers

The second half of my first day of being a ranger was spent in the storage drawer area. I worked in this area when I first came to Assembly Line 4 and for about a year and a half on another line.

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Ranger Job: Mainback

On Day 2 of being a ranger I was sent to mainback. This area has about nine work positions on the assembly line. They mainly put on steel coverings on the back, sides, and underneath the oven. When the range reaches this area it is made of the front frame attached to the oven. And just like a big itchy present, the "oven box" has been wrapped in two big sheets of white fiberglass insulation.

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Read List in 30 Seconds

When I was in the insulation booth position in oven cavities, here's a list of things that needed to be done:

Note: Oh, by the way, before you rotate to the insulation booth, find the time (as assembly line continuously moves in half minute intervals) to take off your gloves and safety sleeves, throw on a protective zip up body suit, put back on gloves and safety sleeves and then put on a face mask (Don't knock off your safety glasses as you frantically do this!).

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Ranger Job: Oven Cavities

Eeeeeuuuuwww! Upon my arrival to our line on my third day as a ranger, Mike, who is in charge of rangers told me I was to go to oven cavities. Okay, I knew it was coming and I wanted the challenge. By the way, what a name! I wish someone could give it a better name. I mean, is the name left that way intentionally. It makes me wander if working in oven cavities is as dreadful as making a visit to the dentist office?

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April 15, 2006

A Cute Christmas Recipe

I discovered an easy and fun recipe to fix for Christmas. I bought some almond bark because it was on sale for 99 cents at the Reasor's grocery store a few miles down the road. Then I went home and started experimenting with it.

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April 16, 2006

All I Need to Know in Life I Learned From My Hens

I love this little poem and I want to share it with you. Obviously, someone who has raised chickens has pondered for many hours how they act. It's such a great thing to me when someone takes their routine, "boring" activities and gathers deep philosophical truths that will make you laugh, ponder and then be inspired to know your routine ordinary life is okay too.

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Ranger Job: Cooktops

Since I became a Ranger I have been to the cooktop making area two times. To the best of my knowledge, we have three basic cooktops. Ceran top which is a smooth glasstop that is tempered so you can cook on it. The second is the regular electric cooktop which has four burners made like the traditional kind which has metal bowls placed around each burner. Thirdly, we have cooktops that are fueled by propane gas and it is similar to the coil electric models.

My carpooling friend, Stacy is the one who keeps them supplied with the parts they need to build their cooktops. When I'm in that area just about every time I see her she's has her head stuck in some big tote pulling out parts to stock with. She doesn't get much help from others except for Shelley who has done her job in the past. She keeps pretty busy and can fall behind if someone wants her to fill their position while they take a bathroom break.

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April 18, 2006

Ranger Job: Consoles

The console area for Assembly line #4 is mainly a girl area. Maybe that's why Cody moved there from another area. I suspect this single guy loves the attention and enjoys joking around with the ten or so women on the team. There is one other guy, an older Phillipino guy, Ledo, who is also an unsuspecting funny guy.

A console is the top back part of a range which has knobs on it. There are usually four knobs and the electric control panel that is connected to the oven. Here's a side note, in this area I have to wear heel straps. I think heel straps are cool. They make you look a little more important than those who just use screw guns! Actually, the heel straps prevent the electrical charge that a person can carry on them from being transferred to the electronic control panel where it can damage this expensive part of the range.

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Ranger Job: GOC

As a Ranger I was placed in the GOC area for about 45 minutes. I don't have a clue what those three initials stand for. This area has two or three positions and the GOC is not on all our ranges. The GOC is an electronic control panel that is encased in a metal box on the back bottom left-hand side of the range.

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April 21, 2006

Ranger Job: Doors

The place where the oven doors for our ranges are made consists of about 12 people. I went to this area on Tuesday. When I first began working at our plant in 1997 I worked on a doorline. I didn't mind working there. I stayed there for two years. I enjoyed relearning everything. It's a feels good to pull up a memory of how you thought and how your hands worked to accomplish something from 9 years ago!

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Ranger Job: Wiring

The wiring area of our assembly line consists of six positions. The wiring team connects wires on the back of the range. They connect wires coming from the console and the oven. Just about all of these wires will be covered by a steel panel when the range is finished. They mostly have jobs where you can sit down. I liked the idea of sitting down alot but I know if I was in this area for awhile I would be fighting to stay awake a lot of the time. Phuoc, (They call him Fu-with a long u) was taking a day off so I was in his spot. Patty and Lindy kindly welcomed me to their area. I was behind Shane. A quiet young guy, probably about 20 who helped me greatly.

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Being A Ranger

I've been a ranger for three weeks now. When I first changed people would ask me what I was doing in a different area and I would surprise them when I said I was a ranger. Now they ask how do I like it. I tell them I like the variety. Most of the jobs I can do on the line. I have gained confidence in myself seeing how I respond to change. And I know my brain is still in good working condition. It just needed some exercise! I told my friend, John, I had to change to something new because my brain was getting flabby!

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April 22, 2006

14 Real Life Rules

About 10 years ago, Charles J. Sykes wrote an article for the San Diego Union-Tribune in the September 19, 1996 issue. In it he gave advice to high school students on the reality of life. He discussed what life after high school is really like. Fourteen rules were summarized from his writing.

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April 24, 2006

Dream Come True

Have you ever seen the biggest dream of someone's life come true right before your very eyes? I got to see this moment, captured through a video clip and I want you to see it too. It can be found on the CBS News website with the key search words Jason McElwain. The video will be on the right of the screen above the title, "Autistic Teen's Hoop Dream. Here's the story.

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