God Is With Me


Lately I’ve been dealing with difficult issues in my life. So I look at them in this way. When I have a hard problem that I don’t have an answer to I don’t worry about it.  (Worrying is worthless and it doesn’t make you anymore kind or compassionate for others when you do it.)

I think this way, I’m glad a problem has come into my life that’s too much for me to solve. I have a Heavenly Father who is so big He created it all. He took nothing and made everything. Wow! So I’m excited to go to Him with my ‘little’ problem. And His love and understanding for me is so limitless that He awaits and is eager to solve it so that ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD! So, then I just wait on Him and watch it all unfold. Pushing out worry thoughts when necessary. And I also say lots of Bible verses that are promises made from His love for me.

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