Renew Your Strength


This National Geographic video gives the details of the big struggle an eagle goes through around the age of 40.  It must choose putting forth the effort to live or give up and die.


The Story Of Change

Sometimes the inspiration or the wisdom we seek to bring change in our lives comes from the unlikeliest of sources. At least that's what this inspiring story of an Eagle teaches us. #WisdomWednesdayBringing a significant change in your life can get a little challenging, but it can be achieved with a little help. Connect with Experts at and get the right guidance right when you need it.Note: We've come across comments from some of you stating that this piece of communication is not true. We understand your concerns. We'd like to clear out things by saying that, we only shared this video because we found it to be profoundly motivating and we believed that what moved us will probably move someone else too. That's all we thought when we shared this video with you all. So before you share this video in your circle, please do check once and share it only if you believe this story will help in motivating someone you know 🙂

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