Does Anybody Ever Play This Video Game Anymore?

When I was a teenager my older brother used to take me to arcades and we would play games like PacMan, Centipede, DuckHunt and Frogger. They definitely can’t compare to the video games my kids play but I think they have their place.
I found a site that has a “real” looking pacman game on it. I play it on my laptop when I’m watching TV. My sons and daughter laugh at me and say I’m becoming like them, addicted to playing video games all the time.
I just remember there was a teenage kid at a certain arcade in Collinsville and he could play it the best I’ve ever seen. He always got all the points in every way. I didn’t even know his name I just stood there and watched. Man!! I still have a lot of admiration for that kid playing that dumb video game. He must’ve spent $50 on quarters every week or else his dad owned the arcade.
Why do I still respect that kid? I don’t know. It’s just something that got engrained into my memories. So now that I’ve found a good PacMan game, I keep practicing and playing it too much with the silly unproductive goal of beating some teenager from 20-something years back in a game of PacMan. At least, it’s free now!!!

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