True Giving

As Christians God wants us to give. What is giving in America today? Jesus gave an example of old woman who put 2 mites into the offering plate. Even though her amount was small Jesus said she gave more than others who provided much more. She made a sacrifice. She did without to give to God.
In America a churchgoer can give 10% (tithe according to the Bible) and then go out and by a big Sunday lunch, spending more than they gave and putting it on a credit card that has a growing balance every month. Did they really give to God or did they do something to make themselves feel good and then go spend and waste money unnecessarily?
In the eyes of God, what is true giving? It is not based on the American dollar. It is not based on a monetary amount. It is based on how the giver had to deny themselves. (Jesus said if you are a true follower of Him you must deny yourself take up your cross (hardships) and follow Him every day!) If you want to truly give in the name of Jesus Christ you must honestly ask yourself, am I personally doing without or going “an extra mile” to give and am I giving with an attitude to NOT receive recognition.
You must also seek out people and organizations that are frugal then give time or money in a way in which you personally realize you sacrificed.

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