American Freedom Train

When I was in elementary school in the fourth grade in 1976 our school went to see the Freedom train as it made a stop in Tulsa. It travelled all across America. As much info that I could find, it stopped in Tulsa in March 1976. It started it’s tour across the U.S. in 1975.
What I remember most is waiting in a long line with my friend and her big brother who was in the 6th grade. I also remember my big brothers visiting the train. They put pennies on the track (this was allowed) and the train would slowly roll over them making them flat. My mom probably still has these. I also remember seeing the dress that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz. And I vaguely remember an important document (the Preamble to the Constitution possibly).

Here’s the official site,
Here’s a list of the schedule of it’s tour across America.

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