Metric System Learning Sites

Activities and Lesson Plans
Making Measurement Simple: The Metric System~found at Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
~this site contains basic info and simple lesson plans to apply metric system to real life. an overall definition of the metric system the units of measurement
National Institute Of Standards and Technology~This site has 3 good sources for ideas and info
Capsule History
Metric Chocolate Chip Cookies
Metric for Everyday Life
Metric Mania Lesson Plans~Taken from *Be sure to return to this site for other science topics that are taught in the classroom.
Gamequarium Metric System Games~has 11 fun online games to reinforce metric system concepts (these games can be turned into handheld classrooms games proven lesson plans, *offers a 10 day free trial teacher-proven lesson plans, gives basic info about metric system, provides basic questions for class worksheets including number crossword puzzles that can be printed out, *You may need to sign up with EdHelper to get access to the worksheets a lesson plan in which you use a recipe and a newspaper to convert from the English measurement system to metric. can learn, practice and then play a game over a large variety of math topics (This is a good website for a refresher course)
Metric Conversions Sites anything on this site site, just type in measurement you want converted
A Chronology of the Metric System~timeline of the metric system, important dates highlighted

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