Cinco De Mayo 5k

Today Ginny, Jonathan, Benjamin and I ran to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. (Cinco De Mayo is Spanish for May 5th) It was the fifth annual. Ginny and I ran a 1(.2) mile fun run and Jonathan and Benjamin ran the 5 kilometer race. The finish and starting lines were near Veteran’s Park in Tulsa. Jonathan said the race was a little tougher because a lot of it was uphill.
A good time to shoot for in running a mile is 8 minutes. Ginny and I ran ours in twice that time. Jonathan ran his 5k in 29 minutes and Benjamin in 38 minutes (He said he stopped and sat down for awhile.) The fastest guy ran it in around 15 to 17 minutes.
I told my kids they need to strive for the ultimate goal of running a marathon. Just do it in increments that won’t overwhelm or discourage too much. Right now they need to have the attitude to always get better with every 5k.
As part of their schooling they are assigned to workout out on our treadmill or walk/run the dog 5 times a week.
My niece, Crystal, is really getting into 5ks. Within the last year she lost 30 pounds. It’s in her blood, I can tell. She says she loves the energy she gets from it.

After the race, we ate chips and salsa and tamales. There were also strawberry and orange smoothies. We sat on the curb and ate our small meals as a small band played music. An older small thin man lead the band and played a flute.

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