Liberty Bell B-17 Bomber

Today my four kids and I went to Jones airport in Tulsa to look over a piece of history. It was a B-17 bomber. It was built in the ’40’s. This kind of plane was used in World War II. The plane we saw was not used in the war but was still a big sight to see. It looked big and cumbersome to the small fiberglass plane that were parked around at the airport. It was interesting to see the 4 propellers and the gun shooting places on the plane. When people parachuted out of the plane they would jump out of the belly of the plane.
This informative video calls the B-17 a flying fortress

Old Footage of the B-17 in action shooting the guns

The plane travels around America. I found some interesting and informational videos on YouTube that tell more about the exact plane we saw.

This one is named “Chuckie” and is being started up (smoke is coming out of the back which was common.)

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