Grammar Lesson 41~Adjectives

Use the article an before a word beginning with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) or a vowel sound (words beginning with a silent h as heir, hour). Words that start with eu or u that are pronounced with a long u or pronounced like “you” use the article a before them.
Examples: an egg, an hour, an orange, an idea, a house, a mouse, a river, a boy, a ukulele, a eucalyptus tree.
Use the correct article before the following words.
1. girl
2. man
3. horse
4. apple
5. honor
6. restaurant
7. industry
8. eye
9. car
10. flower

1. a girl
2. a man
3. a horse
4. an apple
5. an honor
6. a restaurant
7. an industry
8. an eye
9. a car
10. a flower
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