Call of the Wild Quiz

I found a 25 question quiz on which can be used after the entire novel has been read. It focuses on all the important mini stories and their main facts found throughout the book. Here’s the quiz @ The Sparksnotes website has been very helpful because it has each chapter online and summaries. It also points some great quotes from the book.

Scroll through the page to review your answers. The correct answer is highlighted in green. Your incorrect answers (if any) are highlighted in red. If you’d like to take the test over again, click the reset button at the end of the test.
1. What is Buck?
(A) A dog, half St. Bernard and half Scottish shepherd
(B) A young gold hunter
(C) An Arabian stallion
(D) An Alaskan wolf
2. Where does Buck live at the beginning of the novel?
(A) Nome, Alaska
(B) Vermont
(C) The Santa Clara Valley, in California
(D) Flagstaff, Arizona
3. What is the name of Buck’s first master?
(A) John Thornton
(B) Judge Miller
(C) Manuel
(D) Mercedes
4. Who kidnaps Buck from his home?
(A) Hal and Charles
(B) Yeehat Indians
(C) Judge Miller
(D) Manuel, a gardener
5. Which dog gets killed immediately upon her arrival in the North?
(A) Curly
(B) Spitz
(C) Mercedes
(D) Koona
6. What is the profession of Francois and Perrault?
(A) Gold hunters
(B) Dog trainers
(C) Couriers for the Canadian Government
(D) Fur traders
7. Who is Buck’s great rival on the team of dogs?
(A) Teeka
(B) Spitz
(C) Koona
(D) Sol-leks
8. What event intervenes to stop a fight between Buck and Spitz?
(A) An avalanche
(B) An attack by Indians
(C) A flash flood
(D) An attack by wild dogs
9. What event brings about the final confrontation between Buck and Spitz?
(A) A wild chase after a rabbit
(B) A dispute over some food
(C) A fire in the camp
(D) The death of Billee
10. What does Buck demand after Spitz’s death?
(A) More food
(B) Less work
(C) That he be made the lead dog
(D) That he be allowed to run wild
11. Who buys Buck and the other dogs when they are sold by the mail that the Scotch half-breed works for?
(A) John Thornton
(B) Hal, Charles and Mercedes
(C) Judge Miller
(D) Matthewson
12. What does Mercedes insist on doing that slows the sled down?
(A) Stopping frequently to feed the dogs
(B) Taking shortcuts over patches of dirt
(C) Buying fewer dogs
(D) Riding on the sled herself
13. What happens to the dogs during Hal, Charles and Mercedes’ trip?
(A) They are very weak from being overworked, beaten and almost starved.
(B) They make record time
(C) They break their harnesses and escape into the woods
(D) They begin to attack one another
14. How does John Thornton save Buck’s life?
(A) He shoots Hal and Charles
(B) He pulls him out of the river when the ice breaks
(C) He prevents Hal from beating him to death
(D) He goes to Dawson to get medicine for Buck’s illness
15. What happens to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes after they leave John Thornton’s?
(A) They reach Dawson unscathed
(B) Their sled and team breaks through the ice and they drown
(C) They are ambushed by Yeehat Indians
(D) They die of starvation
16. How does Buck save John Thornton’s life?
(A) Buck kills a man who is about to shoot Thornton
(B) Buck fends off attacking Yeehat Indians
(C) Buck pulls his master back when Thornton is about to fall off a cliff
(D) When Thornton gets caught in the rapids, Buck swims to him and pulls him to safety
17. What bet does Thornton win with Matthewson?
(A) That Buck can outrun a train
(B) That Buck can move a sled loaded with a thousand pounds
(C) That Buck will do anything Thornton orders him to do
(D) That Buck can find a buried treasure
18. What does Buck do when Thornton gets involved in a bar fight?
(A) He cowers under the bar
(B) He drags Thornton outside by the collar
(C) He leaps at the throat of Thornton’s assailant
(D) He runs to find the police
19. What quest sends Thornton and his friends into the wilderness?
(A) The search for a legendary lost mine
(B) The search for Thornton’s missing brother
(C) The search for the Northwest Passage
(D) The search for a lost tribe of Indians
20. While the men camp and look for gold, what does Buck do?
(A) He scouts for hostile Indians
(B) He returns to Dawson carrying messages
(C) He sleeps all day
(D) He spends long periods of time in the deep forest
21. What kind of animal does Buck spend four days hunting?
(A) A mountain lion
(B) A bull moose
(C) A polar bear
(D) A wolf
22. What does Buck find when he returns from hunting?
(A) The camp has burned
(B) John Thornton has abandoned him and returned to Dawson
(C) The camp has been attacked by Yeehat Indians
(D) Nothing is amiss
23. What happens to John Thornton?
(A) He is killed by the Yeehat Indians
(B) He is lost in a blizzard and freezes to death
(C) He dies of hunger
(D) He lives to a ripe old age in Nome
24. What does Buck learn when he attacks the Yeehat Indians?
(A) That they are too strong for him
(B) That he cannot kill humans
(C) That arrows hurt
(D) That he can kill men, as long as they are not armed
25. What does Buck do at the end of the novel?
(A) He drowns
(B) He goes mad and is killed by John Thornton
(C) He is killed by wolves
(D) He joins a wolf pack and becomes a legendary figure in the wild

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