Panera Bread

Check out Panera Bread. It’s a great place for dining and relaxing. Their motto is fresh bread makes good friends.
My husband and I needed to get a car repair done today. There just happen to be a Panera Bread cafe across the street. So we went there and stayed until our car was finished.

The atmosphere was friendly and inviting. It had great food along with steamy specialty coffees available. We had a pleasant time while there. I ate a chocolate cookie with Hazelnut flavored coffee and my husband had a muffin and a cinnamon roll. The cafe had free Wi-Fi connections. As soon as we came in we noticed all kinds of business-types sitting at tables snacking on some brunch, sipping coffee and reading papers, writing notes or meeting together to talk things over. I loved the environment. It reminded me of my college days when I would go and study in the campus library. Except the library had a more cold and stand-offish quiet attitude about it.
This place was different with the buzz of friendly chatter and laughter. I liked the feeling of not sitting in a cold hard-seated booth, quickly eating some deep fried fastfood with my family and feeling we needed to quickly be moving on out the door so another customer can have our table. My husband worked on some internet jobs and I read through The Call of the Wild by Jack London.
We plan to check out the other Panera Bread shops around the Tulsa area when we go on a date.

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