Resolutions 2007: Mission Accomplished

My son and I have accomplished our resolutions for 2007. I wanted to read the New Testament to my children and my son chose to give me a hug everyday.

He would do it before he went to bed for the night. He still has one more left. So, you could say, my son has given me 364 hugs this year.
As I read through the NT, I was usually behind about a month but toward the end of the year I started making sure I would read two per day. It would take about 5 minutes a night. In the coming year I plan to do it again and from the start have the attitude to do two passages a day. At the end of 2008 if I have extra time I’ll read the Psalms and Proverbs.
The fun thing about reading the New Testament through was that I was reading from Revelations at Christmastime. And when most Christians were focused on when Jesus came the first time, I began to focus on when Jesus will return the final time! I liked it and some of my kids found it interesting.
Revelations doesn’t scare me. I am so ready if Jesus would take me away from this crazy world. All my family would go with me! Revelations is full of vivid imagery. It’s fun to imagine the symbolic scenes in your head and try to fit them within world events.
I plan to have another resolution for 2008. I don’t want something big that will quickly discourage. I need to think it through some and I want it to be related to doing things with my kids, studying the Bible or exercise and diet. I told my children they need to think of one. I hope they do think of something simple.
Sometimes goals aren’t accomplished. Lots of times projects aren’t completed but this year my son and l were steadfast and met our goals.

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